Sunday, February 19, 2017

Home Again... Again

So, remember that thing I said about Halifax almost two years ago? About how a job offer doesn't make a home? Turns out, people make a home. And I've spent thousands of dollars over the last two years flying back to Ontario, spending time with my people.
Turns out, Vancouver doesn't feel like home any more than Halifax does.


I'm racked that this city didn't turn out like I'd hoped it would. I gave it a good try. But there's no substitute for one's people (and I think it is compounded by the fact that I'm pretty particular and so don't easily find my 'people'). 

With that realized, I'm finally heading home. 
Georgian Bay ship canal: Map showing principal railway and water
After five years, many moves, and countless adventures, I'm finally following my gut and not my wallet -- without a job, without a 'perfect' or even 'good' reason, I'm going home.

There will be uncertainty and anxiety and doubt, but there will also be the knowledge that, for the first time in years, I'm moving somewhere because I want to. Not because of a job or a degree or an opportunity, but because I feel like I want (need) to be there.
On a deep-down gut level, I'm sure this is the right choice.

Now comes the hard part -- reminding myself of that gut-level choice when I'm filled with anxiety over my unemployment.

Wish me luck!

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