Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Van City Life

Almost three months ago, I was living in Halifax. I moved home to find work -- but instead, I found my dream job in Vancouver. So, in less than two weeks, I went from the east coast of Canada to the west.
The last two months have flown by.
Sweeping generalizations aside, I'm really enjoying myself so far. I'm still getting to know the city, and the province, and the coast. There are hard days, and there are easy ones.

Being deeply in love with my job helps.

Moving into my own apartment last week helped, too.
This was the big move -- my boxes of stuff, so long held by my long-suffering parents in Ontario, finally followed me somewhere. Unpacking has been akin to greeting old friends. I'm unearthing souvenirs from four years of non-stop travel and home staples that I'd forgotten I owned -- hello, favourite mug ever!
I've also noticed gaping holes in my inventory of 'stuff' -- I don't own plates, or a can opener, or any lamps. Or a single piece of furniture (thank god my place is partially furnished).

So that is where my time, energy, and paycheque is going these days.
I hope to have some semblance of a living space up and running by the end of the month -- maybe I can share snippets of it then. In the meantime, I'll savour the idea of a permanent home without cardboard boxes and keep falling in love with my new city.

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